Women in a Day is a podcast created to give a deep look at the daily lives of women of all kinds, from sunrise to sunset. 


Portia is a police commander and a mom to six kids. When she is not working, she is skiing, hiking, or working out. She is the former roller derby captain of Team USA.

Portia was a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay and has travelled around the world always eager to learn through experiences. Portia loves podcasts about leadership and stories about ordinary people's lives. 


Jenny is a mom of three boys and wife living in the foothills of Colorado. Equal parts gypsy and homebody, she has been a writer, artist and enthusiastic home cook since childhood. 

Jenny has found women from all walks of life to be a source of constant inspiration and credits powerful feminine energy with so many positive things happening in the world. 

You can also contact her on her blog, The Raisin Girls