Allegra Wermuth: Violinist and Founder of Goddess Girls Yoga

Allegra Wermuth: Violinist and Founder of Goddess Girls Yoga

In Episode 2 we were so fortunate to speak with Allegra Wermuth, a professional violinist, yoga teacher, mom and the founder of Goddess Girls Yoga. That's a lot! Allegra shared her inspiration for Goddess Girls and talked about why she takes self care beyond the vague idea of facials and journaling and incorporates it into her daily life. If you need a woman to motivate you, look no further! 


WD: What is the most satisfying aspect of your personal life?

AW: I am a great mom. Despite the fact that I am a single mom and have three jobs, I am always there for my daughter. I teach from home which is nice for when she is home with me, I always provide home cooked dinners which we always eat together, and I make sure that we have snuggle and connection time every day, even if it is right before bedtime. I have worked very hard to create balance and a sense of stability for my daughter since my divorce and she is thriving.

WD: How has your professional life been impacted by your personal life?

AW: I work all the time. ALL THE TIME. Part of it is because of my personality, I love my work, it fuels me. But a lot of it is because of finances and because I have to be responsible for my child as well as myself. I am getting better at taking time of completely from working, to be able to enjoy vacations or just simply downtime, but it is definitely a work in progress.

WD: What is the most satisfying aspect of your professional life? 

AW: Being able to connect with my students, whether violin or yoga on a daily basis. To see them grow, not only as musicians and yogis, but most importantly as humans is the greatest reward,  and I learn a lot about myself along the way too.

WD: What is your favorite part of the day? 

AW: When I've slept well, I have to say early morning. I love getting up before the sun, meditating, doing some yoga, journaling, having some tea. If I am able to do this, I feel that it sets myself up for a grounded and successful day.

WD: What part of your life comes easiest to you? 

I was meant to teach. If I hadn't become a musician or a yogini, I would still answer teaching, no matter what field I was in. It's in my blood, and it drives me.

WD: What part of the day do you look forward to most?

AW: Bedtime. I love my bed, I love the comfort of getting under the covers and sinking in, letting the day go. I love the quiet, and taking the time to read a bit to wind down. I could also say I love getting on my yoga mat, for most of the same reasons.

WD: Was there a defining moment that set you on your current path?

AW: The morning I woke up and realized I had to end my marriage was probably the most pivotal  moment of my life. It is then that I decided that I had to live my truth, no matter what that looked liked. Since then I have been striving to honor that choice every single day, whether thats in my personal or professional life.

WD: If there were one thing you could magically change, what would it be?

AW: Time. The obsession of "not having enough"or"needing more", as well as the constraints of time. When i am in the moment of something, or connecting with somebody and having to complete something in the next 5 minuets or an hour, it destroys the flow.

WD: Who are the women who are most inspiring to you?

AW: Woman who get up everyday and choose to live their best lives,no matter how hard. I admire their discipline, their strength, tenacity and badassery.

WD: What do you want more of in your life?

AW: Travel, activities that make me face my fears, adventure, beautiful moments.

To learn more about Allegra's Goddess Girls group or her violin studio visit her website: www.allegrawermuthyoga or find her on Instagram: @goddessgirlsyogaggy

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