Lisa Cutter: Women's March Organizer, Colorado House Candidate

Lisa Cutter: Women's March Organizer, Colorado House Candidate

We have heard so many stories about people who feel compelled to go into public service in the last couple years - their motivation and the level of commitment is something that I think inspires so many women. Lisa Cutter is the embodiment of that; she has given her time to non-profits and women's groups throughout her entire career in PR, she was one of the organizers of the original Denver Women's March and she is now running for a House seat in Colorado. 

WD: Is your personal life currently changing?

LC: [My] youngest twin is finishing his masters degree. Now fully an empty nester, I am running for state representative while continuing to run my business and be a part of March on Colorado. 

WD: What is the biggest challenge in your personal life?

LC: Finding time to relax and unwind.

WD: What is your work/occupation? 

LC: Public relations consultant, activist and candidate.

WD: Is that what you thought you would be doing? 

LC: No. I've always been interested in government and public service, and have been appalled at the direction of our government. I was contemplating running for office and the Women's March last year solidified the decision for me. The time felt right and I have always wanted to be part of the solution. 

WD: How has your professional life been impacted by your personal life? 

LC: I have always been career-oriented, but put more of a focus on my family when my children were at home. I was lucky to have flexible work and be able to do so. 

WD: What is the most satisfying aspect of your professional life?

LC: Meeting people and learning about the community - in PR, activism and campaigning. 

WD: What part of your life comes easiest to you? 

LC: Building relationships. I genuinely delight in meeting and learning about people. 

WD: What is your biggest source of stress?

LC: Time management and being behind on important tasks. 

WD: If there were one thing you could magically change, what would it be?

LC: Taking the money out of politics - I have to spend way too much time raising money when I'd rather be talking to people about what's important to them and learning about the community. 

WD: What do you want more of in your life? 

LC: To make a difference and have more time to enjoy nature.

WD: Who are the women who are most inspiring to you? 

LC: Morgan Carroll, Elizabeth Warren and ANYONE standing up to help others. So many women in our community doing amazing things with love and commitment. 

WD: Who were your female role models growing up?

LC: My mom, who was divorced and had to return to work. My grandmother was also a very strong figure in my life. She had a great heart, fiercely loved and defended her family and grew up in a difficult time. She overcame so many challenges. 

WD: Do you have a secret talent? 

LC: I'm a pretty good dancer but that isn't a secret if you've ever been to a dance party with me! Also, I can beat most people chugging beer. SHHHH! As I tell my kids, it's a party trick, not a habit. 

To learn more about Lisa and her campaign, you can find her at: or on her Facebook page:


Shukri Abdi: Producer, Writer and Performer

Shukri Abdi: Producer, Writer and Performer

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